bagpipe reeds

After 50 years of experience and more than one million reeds made, "MY REEDS" has finally come to a conclusion: every bagpipe players needs his own reed and this is our aim for his personalized reeds. For this reason we have thought about creating MY REED my one and only reed for my bagpipe!
bagpipe reeds  
My Reeds are made of tube canes that come from our production of canes from the South of France, dried in a very natural way then matured for at least two years.

We can produce bagpipe reeds with different sizes to satisfy any personal needs. In this way each bagpipe player can create his personal reeds.
Don't exitate to request us any personalization!

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Come to meet us around the world, but consider also that we are always pleased to invite
you to come to our workshop in Trento, Italy, to select your preferred material.

MASTERCLASS for oboe&bassoon and exposition of instruments and reed accessories
Chiusa, Italy, 18-22 February 2015

IDRS 2015 - International Double Reeds Society Conference - Tokyo, Japan - August 15-19, 2015



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